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Tuesday, May 10

Competitive mothering: the Extreme Sport, and other news

Just when you think your bizarrely competitive brain is going to relax, now that you're no longer in the uber-competitive, testosterone-driven world of litigation, you find that you can compete on a whole new playing field: motherhood. For a look at just how insane I've become (and yes, I'm still twitching from the bowling party), check out www.literarychicks.com.

In other news, AMERICAN IDLE just finalled in another contest!! The First Coast Romance Writers' Beacon contest, in the chick lit category, with wonderful authors Lynda Sandoval [ www.lyndasandoval.com ] and Lori Avocato [ www.loriavocato.com ].

(I'm finally doing final edits on THE NAKED TRUTH, so am tired and a little brain-frazzed - forgive me for the disjointed ramblings.)

Finally, my new title for my very first funny legal thriller is now officially:
I guess MURDER BY MASS TORT was too serious. Now I just have to put some felonies in the book . . .