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Thursday, June 9

And so it continues . . .

From USA Today:

And then there's Ana Marie Cox. She brought the Washingtonienne diary to a huge cyber-audience by linking it a year ago on her own gossipy Web log, Wonkette.com. Cox described Cutler as "a Hill-based Belle du Jour" under the headline, "She's so getting a book deal out of this."
Soon, Cox had her own contract — for Dog Days, a political satire set in D.C.'s August doldrums, due in October.

"It does have two women as the central characters," says Cox. "And they drink and talk about clothes and men. There is sex."

But, bristling slightly, she says it's not chick lit, and she hopes it will be read by men as well as women.

Oh. Right. Does the word WHATEVER come to mind for anybody else??

Alesia, rolling her eyes