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Thursday, August 11

On the Road!!

Wish me luck! I've spackled, painted and packed until my eyes are crossed (WHY DO I HAVE FOURTEEN BOTTLES OF HAIR CONDITIONER? I am SO not kidding. Hey - clean out YOUR bathroom cupboards and see what YOU find!)

Now it's finally time to hit the road because I MISS MY CHILDREN SO MUCH I CAN'T STAND IT! So I'm bailing on poor Navy Guy and forcing him (okay, he volunteered; he's just that kind of guy) to handle the pack out on his own. Plus, the fact that I get FREAKED OUT BEYOND ALL BELIEF when I have to stand around and watch total strangers pack up everything I own, may have something to do with him urging me to go ahead and leave . . .

So, bright and early tomorrow I'm heading out for the 820 mile drive to Ohio. If I happen to have your phone number on my cell phone, be afraid. Be very afraid. Because guess what I do during a loooooooong car drive? Mwah ha ha ha.


Alesia, soon to be a Virginian