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Thursday, February 2


The lovely and talented Connie (no, I've never met her, but she is CLEARLY lovely and talented; just look at what she said about BLONDES HAVE MORE FELONS!!!) reviewed my book for Once Upon a Romance and was kind enough to forward me the review - she gave it 5 out of 5 stars!!!! And it is a spotlighted review at the site!! I LOVE this kind of review - especially when release date - March 7!! - is coming up so fast!

The review:

I’m sure when December Vaughn decided to start a new life and make a clean break from her comfortable-always-there ex-husband and her position as a corporate attorney to open her own practice hundreds of miles away in sunny Florida, she never expected conspiracy, sabotage, murder, attacks on her person and her car! And all for a class action suit.

Things don’t add up for December. Gorgeous Jake Brody, P.I., comes along and helps/bails her out, always when trouble’s found her. Mighty convenient she thinks. Is he the cause? A mysterious threatening phone caller (LOL) tells her to mind her own business. Mind her own business? What business isn’t she supposed to mind she wonders? He’s not very clear about that.

Is the caller behind everything, or is there someone orchestrating and delegating all the dangerous events? Or is it someone else altogether? Or maybe it’s an unhappy person from her pro bono cases?

We, the reader, start to figure things out much sooner (not every detail, there’s lots of questions still needing answered) than December does, but then we’re the observer and she’s busy watching out for killers and attackers and going through ninety-something boxes of discovery papers. Good thing she has such good help in figuring things out with her best friend/office manager, Max(ine), new hire, Mr. Ellison (he’s a HOOT!), and Jake. Not to mention assorted other colorful characters.

I won't even get into the other aspects of her life. I've spilled enough details already! You'll have to discover those yourself.

Alesia Holliday’s writing is a wonderful breath of fresh air. She has a way of transporting the reader to December’s side and takes them on the ride of December’s lifetime (to date). She takes all the potentially serious and physically hurtful situations and infuses them with a bit (a bit?? hmm, well...sometimes more than that) of lightheartedness. She gives us a wild, yet caring bunch of characters to laugh with and root for; the aforementioned Jake, Max, and Mr. Ellison. Then there's Aunt Celia and Uncle Nathan, Bear, her neighbors Emily and Rick, Daisy, and oh, I certainly wouldn’t want to forget the casserole brigade. (PLEASE, bring them all back in the next adventure!!)

Blondes Have More Felons is saucy and clever. Every word was a delight to read. Every scene vividly painted. A terrific blending of mystery and humor.

I have a feeling Alesia isn’t going to write the December Vaughn mysteries fast enough for me or for many of you who will quickly become fans of this series. I suppose I should comfort myself in the saying that reminds us that quality is better than quantity. But can’t we have both???

- Connie, Onceuponaromance.net