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Wednesday, June 14

In the book, deep deep in the book

Alaric is turning out to be way more of an intellectual than I figured him for, and Conlan is more aggressive than I knew. Riley has more backbone than I'd guessed, and Quinn is just in so very much pain. It's always surprising how characters that I create can continually surprise me.

In upcoming book news, SEVEN WAYS TO LOSE YOUR LOVER is bringing in GREAT reviews! I'm thrilled that Sarah from Romance Junkies tackled head on the one issue I was most concerned with in the book - with a side business breaking up relationships, would readers dislike my (very lovable) heroine, Shane? Sarah wrote:

Surprising, considering the lives she is
toying with, but Shane is not heartless and wrecking relationships is not
something she enjoys, even if she is good at it. I also liked how in the
midst of all this breaking up, new relationships and friendships were
being formed. . . . Alesia Holliday really
impressed me with the way she tackled the tough subject of breaking up.

And then she had this to say!!

charming humor and bracing wit, SEVEN WAYS TO LOSE YOUR LOVER is a
well-written and satisfying story that will certainly have you in
stitches, with a few tears mixed in, by its end. Alesia Holliday proves
that she's a voice to watch in women's fiction.

That, plus the fab review and 4 and a half stars from Romantic Times, equal some terrific feedback for this occasionally neurotic author! Countdown: 3 weeks to release! Trade paperbacks have limited release compared to mass market, so please consider pre-ordering your copy now!
Alesia, back to the book