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Tuesday, March 6


ATLANTIS RISING is the featured March romance novel for the Borders/Waldenbooks group!! They say:

For her first paranormal romance—and the first in a series—Alyssa Day (aka Alesia Holliday) plumbs the depths of the sea and her fertile imagination to create the lost world of Atlantis, where powerful, profoundly sexy warriors have taken an oath to protect humankind should its end be near. Conlan, the High Prince of Atlantis, has been sent above to retrieve Poseidon's trident. He surfaces on an Earth populated with vampires, witches, and shapeshifters: some fighting to save mankind, some plotting its destruction. As a Warrior of Poseidon, he is forbidden to desire a human, but when he meets a woman with an uncanny psychic connection to him, his desire is strong enough to break any rule.

In stores now!! Woo hoo, happy release day!