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Thursday, May 12

Reality TV, redux

Okay, I think by my first novel, AMERICAN IDLE, we pretty much established that I'm a reality TV junkie. But some of these shows are a bit much, even for me. For example, AMERICA'S TOP MODEL I watched in utter horror last night as four astonishingly vapid girls competed for the title of most brainless. And the body image issues are truly horrifying - one girl weighed maybe 99 pounds, instead of 97, and there were comments over and over and over about how hefty she'd become. At the end of the hour, they got rid of the least whiny contestant.
Now I'm watching tearful confessions on SURVIVOR and they're ALL lying!! It's hilarious!! "We're such good people; we're so honest! This accusation HURTS me!!" While lying through their TEETH!!! I am cracking up!
It's a TRAIN WRECK. I'm still watching . . . I'm such a loser. (of course, they voted off the only honest person. what a surprise. NOT.)
Alesia, who already knows she'll be watching the season finale Sunday . . .