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Sunday, June 26

Geeks are hot!!

For once, I was ahead of the trend. The news is full of the "shocker" that nerds make great husbands. Well, duh!! Having dated my share of egomaniacs, I have to admit that my very absolute favorite man is one who doesn't realize he's a hottie, because his mind is busy with the intricacies of taking his computer apart (or fixing mine; or teaching me how to program my VCR or Tivo or insert-electronic-gadget-here).

Navy Guy talked me out of my reluctance to get involved in the internet, back when we met. I was (and THIS is hard to believe, considering my 24/7 web/e-mail addiction now) concerned that we'd turn into a nation of drones with no human interaction, all glued to our computers full-time. Instead, I now have terrific friends all over the country and the world -- I met them all online! We meet up at writer's conferences and it feels like we're long-lost friends, even though they live in places like Germany, New York, Boston, California, and Rotterdam!

My own personal geek is even an electrical engineer - how nerdy is that? And we've been married for nine years, so here I am -ahead of a trend. Trust me, THAT doesn't happen very often! Although, I took my 5 year old shoe shopping yesterday and Jellies are back in . . .
Alesia, the trendsetter