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Tuesday, July 12

Countdown to the move and a bomb threat

So what kind of vicious, stupid person threatens to bomb a commissary? A commissary is a grocery store on a military base. In this case, a Navy base. When we went to swimming lessons today, they were cancelled and half the base was shut down due to an active bomb threat. Of course, I'm hoping/half-convinced that this is the stupid prank of some employee who didn't feel like working today.

But, in light of the vicious attacks in London, it's kind of scary. What kind of cowards bomb innocent people on trains? On buses? In the produce aisle?

Some days, it is very hard to write light-hearted fiction. On the other hand, the reader letters from people who are sad or ill or going through tough times convinces me that fiction written to entertain has a valuable place in the world. So I'm going back to work, and continuing with my packing. I guess I didn't need milk all that much anyway . . .