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Friday, November 4

The Jetsons and other historical trivia

So I may have mentioned my birthday coming up, which tends to make me feel OLD. But it's not like I need a birthday for that - I have two children. My son snagged a DVD of the first season of The Jetsons at the library today and asked me if we could check it out. Except, HE DIDN'T KNOW WHAT IT WAS.

If you are recoiling in horror, even as the opening strains of the music, complete with "Meet George Jetson . . . Jane, his wife" are running through your brain, you understand my reaction.

The conversation went like this:

Connor: What is the Jetsons?
Me: How could you have missed out on the Jetsons?? Daddy and I are neglecting your cultural education.
Connor: What is it?
Me: It's a great cartoon Daddy and I watched when we were little kids.
Lauren: They had TV then??
Me: [Snake-eyed glare] Yes, they had TV then. But it wasn't much good, since electricity hadn't been invented yet.
Connor: Did you ever meet Benjamin Franklin?
Me: You want to live to be 9?
Connor: Just give me the basic concept of the Jetsons, Mom.
[Yes, sadly, this is the way the kid talks. I don't know where we went wrong.]
Me: The basic concept?? I don't know. It's a funny show about a family in the future. The housekeeper was a robot. The best part was the machine that gave Jane a new outfit every time she rolled through it . . .

I'm an ancient artifact. Worse, my vast horde of cultural trivia is not being passed down to my children. My goal for the weekend is to teach them the theme songs to The Addams Family and Gilligan's Island.

Alesia, off to buy some Geritol
ps and don't forget to GET NAKED!!!