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Wednesday, October 5

WOW!! A fabulous guest blogger!!

Since you know that my evil twin, Alia Day, is writing hot and spicy paranormal romance novels, I'm sure you could have guessed that she LOVES to read them! My new blog guest, Patti O'Shea, is one of the best currently writing in the field. Here's what she has to say about her new thriller, Through a Crimson Veil, a continuation of the exciting Crimson City series:

Through a Crimson Veil
Patti O'Shea

Every story seems to come to me a little bit differently. One time it'll be an event in the book, another time it will grow from a character. Through a Crimson Veil is the only instance (so far!) that started with the hero and heroine's backgrounds.What if, I wondered, they were both half human and half demon? What if the hero grew up in the human world and hated all demons? What if he devoted his life to slaying them? What if his heroine was raised in the demon world?

What if she were disdainful of humans?

And what would happen if she were sent to hunt the hunter?

I was immediately intrigued. Since they're both a rare mix of genetics, these characters would seem to have a lot in common, and yet they're such opposites. Then I "met" Mika and Conor and learned that the differences went even deeper than I'd thought.

For one, Mika has always been loved and protected by both sides of her family. Conor, on the other hand, grew up unloved and unwanted. For another, her branch of demon is weak in power--mischievous rather than malevolent--and he's a much darker type of demon.

Conor has scared people--unintentionally--and he works hard to cage that side of himself. Mika enjoys the small things in life, finding humor in unlikely places, while he's driven, and far from happy.As the story progresses, however, Mika and Conor mesh. They discover they balance each other--her playfulness offsetting his seriousness; her willingness to make herself vulnerable against his need to keep his wall in place; and his strong powers with her weaker magic.

They also learn they have more common ground than they believed. Both of them have suffered varying degrees of heartache because of their mixed heritage, but together they find the acceptance they've craved, and a healing of their souls.

Praise for Through a Crimson Veil:

~"Paranormal adventure at its ultimate!" - RT BOOKclub Top Pick!
~"Vivid, spellbinding and impossible to put down." - Fresh Fiction
~"Patti O'Shea proves once again why her books are some of the most highly anticipated of the year." - A Romance Review
~"A thrilling and imaginative paranormal fantasy." - Paranormal Romance Writers
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