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Wednesday, March 15

TO DO lists

I am an insane list-maker. I have lists for everything, and even lists to keep track of my lists, but the worst is my To Do list. It is currently 7 pages long, with 25 items on each of the 7 pages.

I'm resisting page eight.

Now, this is just wrong. Who has time in one lifetime to do everything on a 7-page to do list? Especially since the list keeps growing and pesky things like the flu I've got and my daughter has keep getting in the way. aarghh.

When I checked on Princess last night, after she'd fallen asleep, I noticed she was clutching her journal under one arm. After I gently extricated the book, I read what she'd written, and started laughing. Like Mommy, like daughter. My barely-six-year-old had her own to do list.

1. Eat brekfast
2. Play
3. Blow my nose
4. Eat lunch
5. Play
6. Watch a movie
7. Eat dinner
8. Play
9. Bath
10. Bed.

I want to trade lists. Seriously.