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Thursday, March 2

Venting sunshine

I'm finally recovering from the book that would not end, and I actually just sat out in the yard in the sun with the pugs for AN ENTIRE HOUR reading a book simply for pleasure.

Not for research, or because I was judging it for a contest or critiquing it or giving it a blurb, but just a book I bought in the bookstore yesterday because I WANTED TO READ IT.

I know you're shaking your head and saying 'what's the big deal?' but trust me, it was a very big deal to me. Which leads me to the alleged topic (sorry, once a trial lawyer, always a trial lawyer) - venting sunshine.

Lately, I feel like I've only been calling on my friends for help when it's about stress. Or sadness. Or something negative. But it occurred to me - out in the sunshine, which is where much of my inspiration comes from -- that they deserve to hear the good things, too. When I call to "vent" maybe I can vent some sunshine instead of always about the stresses and hard times.

So I'm venting sunshine today. It's going to get up to an unseasonable 70 degrees here in Virginia Beach, my darling children are both healthy at the same time and back in school, I had the day off to have my hair cut, and I read a book for pleasure. Now, I'm going to follow the example set by my wonderful dogs and take a nap. Life is good.
ps I'm responding to e-mails from my lovely readers and re-enabling comments, so if you have time and feel like it, vent a little sunshine of your own.