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Tuesday, June 27


Hello, all! Just a quick note to let you know that SEVEN WAYS TO LOSE YOUR LOVER is in bookstores today!! Romantic Times BookClub called SEVEN WAYS an "uproariously funny story filled with colorful and heartwarming characters" in a 4 1/2 star review!

Like so many women, Shane Madison hates confrontation. But also like a lot of women, sometimes Shane just wants a guy to hit the road, and fast. The solution: get them to break up with her. She started honing her techniques after the first guy she dumped-way back in eleventh grade- threw a baseball bat at her car, and since then she's become a master at getting men to make the first move (in the other direction). She's even shared her secrets with her girlfriends.

But some men, it turns out, just aren't made for dumping. And Shane's kick-him-to-the-curb advice might just come back to kick her in the you-know-what, when she starts dating a gorgeous new guy-who, unbeknownst to her, is out for a little revenge after his last girlfriend took Shane's advice.

Please visit my website for more news, appearances, a cool contest, and more!! I'll be in Atlanta for the Romance Writers of American conference and the RITA award ceremony -- my novella The Naked Truth About Guys is nominated for Best Novella! Wish me luck!

And stop by your local bookstore or go to my website for online ordering info and add SEVEN WAYS TO LOSE YOUR LOVER to your beach read bag.

Woo hoo!!! Release day!!!