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Monday, September 25

How I nearly got kicked out of Colonial Williamsburg

The problem was that my young son and even younger daughter were standing there watching the enactment where they were threatening to tar and feather a loyal supporter of the King for speaking out against Patrick Henry and the Revolution.

The problem was that they dragged the guy over to a post RIGHT IN FRONT OF US and pulled up his shirt and had a bucket of hot tar and my daughter started crying.

So naturally I couldn't stand for that. There may have been boos. Perhaps words like "If your cause is so weak that you can't allow dissenting voices to be heard, then you've already lost" may have been said. (To my surprise, one of Patrick Henry's cousins did come up and shake my hand and say "thank you," so that was cool.)

Then we ate ice cream and talked about how precious our freedoms are and how lucky we are to have them.

Wonderful place. We're definitely going to go back.

And don't get me started on Busch Gardens and HalloScream. To a Halloween junkie like me, it was wonderful!