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Monday, May 16

2nd grade talent shows . . .

For those of you wondering about the glamorous life of a published author, let me tell you about the red-carpet event I attended tonight:
The 2nd grade talent show.
Okay, to be fair, and give credit where it's due, it was in fact the kindergarten through third-grade talent show. This means that it lasted TWO HOURS.
Two solid hours of sitting on the cafeteria benches. The cold, metal benches.
Oh, did I mention that we arrived TWO HOURS EARLY for the optional music department fundraising dinner? Yes, that's FOUR HOURS of fun-filled extravaganza.
(Harry Winston wouldn't lend me any bling, either.)
On the other hand, I got to see my darling son sing a song (with his entire class) and light up with a smile that could have powered all of northeast Florida.
Seems like a fair trade.