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Friday, July 22

The isle of lost toys

Remember how Rudolph and his friend Herbie the elf who wanted to be a dentist and Yukon Cornelius visited the island of lost toys? Well, I need a ticket to the first train headed that way because we are seriously missing some toys around here.

When I get ready to move (and married to Navy Guy, I've got a lot of practice), I do the run-through/declutter/pare down thing. So we took a truckload of stuff to GoodWill, put many many hefty bags out for the trash, and gave outgrown toys and clothes to various friends. But, suddenly, on the eve of major driving trip, my son discovers he has LOST his GAME BOY.

WHY can't they ever lose the CHEAP toys? We have an inventory of every happy meal toy ever invented (which says more than I want it to about how I feed my kids when I'm on deadline), but do any of THOSE go missing? HELL no. It's the $100+ dollar technotoy, natch.

Darling son says, in the midst of holding back the tears: Don't worry, Mommy. I'll ask Santa for another one so you don't have to spend so much money.

This made me cry. How can you be mad at a kid with a heart like that???

So tomorrow is all about packing for trips and TURNING THE HOUSE UPSIDE DOWN to look for that stinking toy. But if you happen to know if cheaptickets.com has a special on that round trip to the Isle of Lost Toys, please give me a shout out . . .

Countdown to Reno: 3 days
Countdown to Big Move: 24 days
Countdown to book due: 24 days
Countdown to Alesia going totally insane: Odds are on 14 days, max.