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Monday, August 15

I'm raising a Princess

The 5 1/2 y.o. is turning out to be quite the Princess, not that this is a surprise, since she has always been half royalty and half bulldozer. However, when travelling, this quality manifests itself in interesting ways.

Navy Guy took the kids for the loooooong drive up to Ohio (long story; we had an actual reason for it) and stopped at a hotel. Princess has travelled with me before and is used to hotels, so once they got settled in the room, this conversation ensued:

Princess: I'm ready for my room service.
Navy Guy, aka Daddy: There is no room service here, sweetie. This is a holiday inn express (or wherever he was).
Princess: Daddy, that is just WRONG. You need to talk to Mommy about hotels.

Daddy was not amused. I thought it was hilarious.

This is also the girl who had the following conversation with her Uncle on Sunday, when he took her to a children's fishing derby (again, don't ask - they live in the COUNTRY).

Princess: I have a fish on the hook!
Uncle: Reel it in!
Princess (taking one look at the fish on the line, dropping the pole, and backing away): I'm pretty much an indoor girl.

And, finally, yesterday, when we drove the TWENTY-FIVE miles to the only mall in the vicinity:

Princess: Where are the TALL BUILDINGS?
Me: There are no tall buildings, this is the country.
Princess: That is just WRONG.

Yes, I'm raising royalty. We keep tiaras around the house. My darling son, on the other hand, is happy wherever he is, as long as his GameBoy is with him. Also, he lost a tooth this weekend and was very happy that the Tooth Fairy could make it all the way out here in the boonies to find him.

Alesia, the Queen Mother