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Saturday, September 10

It's official!!!

I'm now offically a paranormal author!!! Friday, we accepted my darling editor's offer for my ATLANTIS series (see teaser site here)!! I'm going to write it under a pen name, because my evil twin, who has a tattoo (or maybe more than one), a fondness for black leather, and who would never, EVER wear pink, will actually be the one writing them.

Stay tuned for news of release dates, goody giveaways, and other fun for ATLANTIS RISING, the first in the series!! I am so pleased and excited to be writing these books, since I have been an Atlantis-phile since I was a kid. I love anything and everything to do with it and had so much fun with the worldbuilding. (I don't get to use Plato in my chick lit much . . .)