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Tuesday, September 6

The insanity of motherhood

So after four months of summer vacation (the school we left in Florida gets out in early May; the new school in Virginia started today), I was ready to dance and sing my way to the bus stop, right?


I cried. Princess, all five and a half years of her, started first grade today (she's skipping kindergarten; long story), so she got to ride the big-girl school bus for the very first time. She was so excited her little face GLOWED. Her wonderful big brother held her hand and sat with her on the bus. I waved and snapped pics as the bus lumbered off and then, guess what?

You guessed it. I cried.

My BABY went to big girl school today. No more Pre-K, where I can keep her home with me a couple of times a week for "girls' day" and shopping and manicures. No more babies for Mommy.

Yep. I cried. Then I worked on my book, pausing about every 30 minutes (or, okay, ten minutes) to wonder how she was doing and if she were okay. I knew my son would be doing great - he's an old pro at this school thing, in third grade.

So I was lined up early at the bus stop when they got home. She came skipping off the bus -- get THIS -- still GLOWING. "Mommy, it was the BEST DAY OF MY ENTIRE CAREER!!!""

(Um, career??) You know what this means, right? The two children that we've tried our best to raise to be happy and independent and outgoing . . . ARE. No clinging whatsoever.

At least on THEIR part.
Alesia, still teary and not a little choked up