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Monday, November 7

I will not be defeated!!!

So I took Princess to the doctor this morning, which involves finding a place to stash Science Boy, since we're only supposed to take one child to the clinic at a time (if there's anything Navy hospitals love, it's bureaucracy and rules, rules, rules). This was our second trip, because on our first trip, last week, I arranged to pick her up early from school, drive all the way out there, just to learn that the doctor was inexplicably "out." The doctor who was "in" was unable to help us.

So we made another appointment.

This time, we drove all the way out there to find out that:
(1) the doctor was inexplicably "out" again
(2) they had another doctor, but didn't have the supplies they needed to help Princess, even if the substitute doctor had been able to do it
(3) the computers were down, so we couldn't even reschedule.

I'm starting to feel a little cursed. Before you say, "oh, that's nothing," let me tell you about my month. The lovely car I bought more than a month ago still sits in my garage, because the buyer is in Fort Lauderdale, which just got hit with the strongest hurricane it has seen in a jillion years. So (and realizing that this is minor in the scheme of people with no power and hurricane damage, but still, it's on the list) I still don't have the paperwork to get it licensed.

So it sits.

The karate lessons I signed the kids up for started yesterday. Except when we showed up at the YMCA, the instructors looked at us blankly. "No, this is the last session of October's class."

"Um, November 6th here?"

"We got behind."

So we swam for an hour instead. It's sort of the little irritations that start to make you grit your teeth and say things like "No, I'm FINE. REALLY." when anybody asks why you have your fingers clenched into your palms so hard your knuckles are white.

Did I mention Navy Guy is gone all month? And my birthday is Wednesday and I'll be all alone, working?

Okay, back to my regularly-scheduled optimism. It's a beautiful sunny day and my editor and agent both loved BLONDES HAVE MORE FELONS. Plus, I have a job where I don't have to wear pantyhose. Minor annoyances are so totally nothing.