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Wednesday, December 14

Christmas attitude adjustment

I see from blogger that today is my 100th post, and as usual, I'm wondering what I ever found to write about. My life is way not interesting enough for 100 posts . . .

Okay, as I was fairly grinchy yesterday over at the Lit Chicks, I'm determined to do my Christmas attitude adjustment. So now I'm all about happy, happy, and POSITIVE THINKING!!

Good stuff:
  • Finally got my license plates for my car so I can drive it (legally)!
  • Went out and nearly finished my Christmas shopping (I usually do it sometime after December 20th)!
  • After my trip to NYC last week, I have two new book offers in the works!!
  • Chocolate. One should always be thankful for chocolate.
  • I'm going to learn to knit. My friend Lani wore some gorgeous mittens with a scarf and a hat in NY that she'd knitted herself, and I so want to try it. If I end up able to make nothing but toilet paper roll covers, guess what I'll give away as website contest prizes?
  • The book is going well
  • Just finished page proofs on BLONDES HAVE MORE FELONS and I LOVE it again!! I tend to go through phases where I hate all my books, then I get a little distance and read them again with fresh eyes and things are all better. I'm really THRILLED with how this one turned out. And the advance reviews are pretty great, so I'm tickled to the cockles of my little heart. (Whatever cockles are.)

Only 11 days till Christmas! I hope we get snow.