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Thursday, December 8

From NY and the ZONE OF STING . . .

OH. MY. GOD. It's going to be hard to top my first day in NY. My friend Barb gave Lani and me a present of our first jazz club experience - the incredible Blue Note Club. Jazz musician extraordinaire Chris Botti and his band were playing (I'd never heard him before; was looking forward to it, but the cold from HELL was weighing me down and I almost begged off and went back to the hotel to sulk with Nyquil).

OH. MY. GOD. We freaked out a bit when Sting and his wife walked RIGHT BY US, but then Chris called him up on stage and he SANG TWO SONGS. FIVE FEET AWAY FROM ME.

He walked right by me.

Then he SANG MY FUNNY VALENTINE DIRECTLY TO ME!!!!! (Seriously, there was eye contact.) Lani thinks he sang to her, too, but there was enough of him to go around. I mean, we were five feet away from STING. AND HE WAS SINGING TO ME!!!!!!

Life is GREAT. Even on cold meds. (See our updates at the Literary Chicks for more details as the week progresses.) But - SERIOUSLY. What could surpass THE ZONE OF STING???