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Thursday, December 1

Shopping and a new review

Okay, it IS possible to spend $500 in Target in a single hour. Don't ask; don't even ask. But on the plus side, lots of the Christmas shopping is officially done . . .

Just found a lovely new review for The Naked Truth! Look here for the whole thing. Here's what had to say about my story, The Naked Truth About Guys:

Alesia Holliday's "The Naked Truth About Guys" is a captivating story that revolves around columnist C.J. Murphy who writes a famous column called 'The Naked Truth About Guys." Its success has gained her many devoted fans who shower her with unusual fan mail. But there is one whose attention she has yet to gain, Investigator Report Hugh. He only sees her as one of the guys and never at her true potential as a woman. She decides to undergo a makeover in hopes of changing his mind. Will it be enough to make him see what he has been missing?