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Monday, November 14

Changing habits

I've decided to change habits. Well, more like exchange habits. Instead of eating junk food when I'm stressed (like the birthday cake, cookies, and chocolate -- groan), I'm going to have a stress-induced exercise habit. It will be healthier, right?

Also, the yelling habit. I've never, ever been a yeller. Or, as Princess put it in her journal, a "hollerer." As in: "Dear Journal, today my Mom hollerd and hollerd at me, and she hollerd my whole name which is why it was not a good day, journal, your lucky your not me, BEELEEVE IT."

(Hey, she's five. Nobody can spell "believe" or "hollered" at five.)

Of course, the reason for the "hollering"? The inch of water that somehow made it onto the floor during her bath. "By accident."

To hear them tell it, my two kids are the perfect children. But that third kid running around -- that "By accident" -- he causes a lot of trouble in our house, the little turd. "By Accident" once caused Princess to kick her brother.

In the chin. Which, you know, is not that easy to do when he's a foot taller than her. I'm just saying.

In spite of "by accident," I'm determined to exchange the "hollering" habit for singing. Or dancing. Or playing the flute. La la la, la la la. Just imagine me, here, mopping up water and singing.

Or maybe I'll go have a glass of wine. And if the glass gets filled way higher than I expected? Blame "by accident." That kid gets around.