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Saturday, November 12

The danger of board games

We took the kids to see Zathura today and basically learned the danger of ever, EVER playing board games. I mean, first Jumanji and now this. Do these people NEVER learn???

As someone who was forced to play Candyland until her brain cells melted through two different toddlerhoods, I would have preferred meteor showers and raging, people-eating Zorgons.

I'm just saying.

Now it's back to work because the copyedits for BLONDES HAVE MORE FELONS came and I want to get them out of the way quickly so I can get back to work on SEVEN WAYS TO LOSE YOUR LOVER. Oh, and finish up my essay on Why we Love Lynette for the new BenBella anthology about Desperate Housewives.

Laundry? What laundry? Hopefully, the meteor showers take out my dirty laundry baskets first.