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Sunday, April 2


So I spent the weekend having a mini-writer's retreat with the talented and multi-genre writer Cindy Holby. She is working on a book that is so funny and real and warm that it's going to be utterly fabulous, and plotting out a series idea that is so freaking brilliant that naturally I wish I'd thought of it first. :) But in spite of all that brilliance and her newly-muscled buff self, you just can't hate Cindy. If you try, she'll tell you some story about roosters and elbows wearing slippers or sitting on marbles that will have you rolling on the floor laughing.

I think it's a southern thing.

Also, yes, I'll just admit it here FIRST before she outs me: I was following hideously bad MapQuest directions and plotting in my head while driving and blasting music and I got a little lost.

Okay, okay, already. I went from eastern Virginia to western Virginia . . . by way of North Carolina.

Don't ask. We're still not sure how I did it. I may have to write it off as a Blonde moment.