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Sunday, July 23

Suz Brockmann's wild and crazy reader weekend!!

I am having the most AMAZING time!!! We're all here in Atlanta to celebrate readers - specifically, the incredibly talented Suzanne Brockmann has put together a weekend filled with more than a hundred of people who love books and love authors and couldn't possibly be more welcoming to guest authors Cathy Mann, Virginia Kantra, and me.

So far we've had a full day of fun and excitement and lunches and emergency runs to Starbucks (thank you, Aly, you are a goddess) and I wanted to post some pics:

Navy SEAL Tom Rancich telling how he came to be SEAL as the result of a practical joke . . .

Me telling how life as a military spouse is not always fun and games . . .

Our lovely hostess Suzanne Brockmann

Rob and Cathy Mann explaining wedded bliss in the Air Force!