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Tuesday, July 26

Reno Day 1: WOW!!

What a way to start the Reno conference - with an offer for my super-secret (until now!) paranormal proposal!!! Wahoo!! And, in even more exciting news, I saw dozens of people I know and happened by sheer random chance to be standing by a friend when she got a phone call of her VERY FIRST SALE NEWS!!!!! Can't spill any details yet but how cool to see somebody once a year and happen to be present for news like THAT!!! Stay posted . . .

In other news, lost at least ten dollars GRANDLY at various complicated slot machines - am hopeless gambler, evidently. Also, had to get up at 4 am. to fly here (EST) and it's nearly midnight my time now, so off to get some sleep before the huge booksigning and chick lit party tomorrow! Did I mention that I LOVE conferences???