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Wednesday, August 17

The PERILS of Alesia

LEST anyone ever think I don't live a chick lit sort of life, I'll tell you sometime about FALLING DOWN THE STAIRS head first at the restaurant MONDAY, being in the E.R. with Princess last night at midnight because BLOOD was GUSHING out of her BODY, and EXPLODING a TIRE at 72 MPH on the freeway today, whereafter a nice State Highway Trooper changed my tire, led me (lights flashing) to the nearest tire store, owned by A VERY NICE MAN who could have charged me $500 since I was stranded, but only charged $58 for a very good tire (everything included).

Could I MAKE THIS STUFF UP??? I have PICTURES of the tire store, the very WONDERFUL TROOPER STOLARIK and the exploded tire. Stay tuned for photos! The journey just gets BETTER AND BETTER.

Tomorrow, I'm sure a GIANT METEORITE WILL FALL ON THE HONDA just after I load the suitcases. If it does, the children and I will give up and get on a freaking airplane. [Science Boy just kindly explained to me that I have a better chance of being struck by lightning than having a giant meteorite fall on the car. NOTE TO SELF: Check area weather for thunderstorms. . . ]


Alesia, who got to use the word "lest"