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Tuesday, November 8

A FAB new review for THE NAKED TRUTH!!

I always try to avoid reading reviews, in case the reviewer doesn't like me and it sends me into a downward spiral of depression, which forces me to eat POUNDS of leftover Halloween candy and watch TALK SHOWS on TV, but luckily that doesn't happen too often! Here's a terrific one for my novella in the new anthology, THE NAKED TRUTH. You can see the full text of the review here!

THE NAKED TRUTH ABOUT GUYS by Alesia Holliday has columnist C.J. Murphy undergoing a makeover to become something more than just "one of the guys". She's totally attracted to a fellow worker, but she's gained the attention of a sports star as well. Can she manage to find the real C. J. before she loses the one guy who really cares about her?

I really got into this story. Ms. Holliday's style of writing is so fun and vibrant, the characters seem to be people you would know or work with yourself. I loved watching C.J. try to juggle her feelings between two men and not knowing which way to act. Hugh is great as the co-worker, although Aaron is a little over the top as the sports star, but equally good is the interactions between the three.

-- Roundtable Reviews