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Wednesday, December 28

A lovely new review!!

What a nice post-Christmas present - another terrific review for THE NAKED TRUTH! Lovesromances.com had this to say about my story:

The Naked Truth About Guys – Alesia Holliday
CJ is a reporter and a writer of a humorous column. She gets marriage proposals daily and her ‘soul mate’ sends her his lucky socks. Always seen as one of the boys, she is fed up with it all and her friend Paola takes her out for a makeover. What a change. So much so that Hugh, a co-worker who she has been lusting after for five months asks her out. Since she’s become more feminine she has trouble writing her column and she is wondering if Hugh, the ‘serial dater’ is really serious. She wants the ‘Grand Gesture.’

This was for this reviewer, by far the best story in the anthology. It made this reviewer laugh out loud and was so romantic and heart-warming. A little wacky, CJ gives the masculine world a big surprise. Her column is down to earth and hilarious. A little reminiscent of Sex In The City, this story will certainly grab the reader. One of the things that clinched it for this reviewer was…dare this reviewer say it? The hero reminded the heroine of Gerard Butler…swoon! A sexy, sassy read and a wonderful plot, Ms Holliday has written a winner. - Valerie, at Lovesromances.com.

Doesn't that just rock?? I love to be sexy and sassy! LOL. The full text of the review is here.

Happy New Year!