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Sunday, August 27

oh and i cut my hair all off

maybe not the thing to do when you have deadline brain (and you can tell how tired I am in the picture, eek) but here it is:

My favorite part of every book

is when I get past page 300. Don't get me wrong - I love all of it, the plotting is huge fun, writing and learning the characters, rewriting and rewriting until it's just exactly as I want it (at least for that day), but there's an extra kind of magic for me once I hit page 300. I know the characters so well that my fingers on the keyboard can barely keep with the voices in my head.
Of course, voices in my head proves once again that being an author has distinct similarities with having any of several mental illnesses.
But I love it.
Oh, and butter Chessmen and mint Milanos help, too.

Sunday, August 20

I heart Tess Gerritsen

If I didn't already buy her books, I'd start just for this very thoughtful and WONDERFUL post on reading books that you ENJOY. Go to her blog here.

I'm deep in the final week of the book, so won't be back until I can write THE END without revising it 17 times (the 28th is my drop-dead date). So have a great week, and see you then. With chocolate. And champagne.

And a nap, maybe.

Friday, August 11


I have GORGEOUS COVER ART for ATLANTIS RISING!! Take a peek here!

And don't forget to check out Literary Chicks this week - we're running mini-contests again!

Book almost done! Hooray!!

Saturday, August 5

On the road again

Finally home from 16 days of travel! If anybody even MENTIONS getting in a car or on a plane to me in the next few weeks, there will be snarling.

Rita is a much better traveller than I am . . .

In the fog in Pennsylvania

Chatting with another Ohio State Buckeyes fan

Home at last discussing her travels with Daisy the pug