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Wednesday, November 29

Book Club Shout Out!!

I'm very pleased and honored to announce that my book, BLONDES HAVE MORE FELONS, is the featured December book club read at Jennifer Crusie's Cherry forums! We're planning to have tons of fun all month, and I'll be on the boards answering questions especially during the week of December 1st through 7th! So please stop by and join the discussions and learn what in the HELL I was thinking to even make it LOOK LIKE poor Daisy the dog died in the book . . . [OFFICIAL DECEMBER VAUGHN MYSTERIES DISCLAIMER: NO DOGS DIE IN THE MAKING OF THESE BOOKS!!!]


Saturday, November 25

Happy Thanksgiving!

Since one of the blessings I'm most thankful for is my incredible luck having readers like all of YOU, I wanted to share a few of my holiday moments:

Science Boy in his favorite spot

The square pumpkin pie - I forgot until after the oven was preheated and the mixture was mixed and the crust was ready that I didn't have a pie pan any more . . .

Princess and her newly pierced ears and missing tooth

And the wonderful leg lamp ornament from A CHRISTMAS STORY that my darling husband found for me. "Must be Italian!"

I hope (for my U.S. readers) your holiday was filled with joy and too much pie and very little family drama!