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Thursday, February 22

Day 2 of 14 days of December

Yesterday was exploration - what works? what doesn't? what should I keep, but maybe rearrange? Today is back into the work. The trick with a funny mystery is to walk the fine line of balance between the serious main plot and the humorous secondary plots. I ask myself on every page: is this advancing the plot or deepening character? Or, in the best cases, doing both? When the answer is no, the scene has got to be cut, no matter how clever or witty I think the dialogue is. Story is all, and readers deserve the best.

Oh, if you're interested in reading an interview with me, go here. See you tomorrow!

Wednesday, February 21

The 14 days of December - in February

Okay, I'm taking a page from the lovely Jenny Crusie and her very funny blog and starting the 14 days of December. That's December Vaughn, star of my funny, romantic, suddenly a bit paranormal mystery series. Because I have to finish her next book, BLONDE JUSTICE, before my lovely editor comes hunting me with her pitchfork.

So here's the issue. I have a wonderful new character, and he's trying to take over the book. Looking at it, I may have let him, a little. So I need to cut him down to size. Is it my fault that I'm having more fun writing a psychic astrologer who looks and sounds a lot like Alan Rickman than I am writing a lawyer? I know, I know. Discipline. Back to the ripping and rending.

Wednesday, February 7

New cover art!!

for December's next book, coming out in August