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Monday, October 16

My pug dogs

Because people keep asking: This is Daisy (the apricot on the right) and Peanut (the fawn on the left), my furry babies. Daisy will be three on December 4th and Peanut will be one December 5th.

Friday, October 13

edible wedding dresses - the new craze?

Let them eat cake - and wear it too!

Thursday, October 12

Happy happy cover art dance!!!

My evil alter ego Alyssa Day is doing the happy dance - check out her almost-final cover art (they're still planning to add a cover quote) here!

And the new website pages are in the works - can't wait!!!

Wednesday, October 11

There was karaoke

Which is actually rather fun, in a scary way. Please see my post at the LC today on scariest karaoke songs - and worst songs in general!

Tuesday, October 10

Because I really need new boots

And seriously, aren't these adorable?? I'm thinking one pair of each.

New Jersey

So you evidently can't turn left in New Jersey. This is what? Everybody in the state broke their left turn signal at the same time? Some sort of political statement? Whichever it is, it meant an extra 20 miles in my years-long drive to the New Jersey conference Friday while I had a blonde moment and had to figure out the turn-right-to-turn-left conundrum.
Yeah. Like I said, blonde moment.
Anyway, pics are worth a thousand, and all that, and since the novella is due (how did that HAPPEN?? Wasn't I just finishing another book? Seriously, I'm looking into that space-time continuum rupture any moment now . . . )

Wednesday, October 4

Random thoughts

Check out my post at Literary Chicks for random thoughts - I'm on my way to New Jersey for their fabulous conference and hard at work on the novella plus copyedits for ATLANTIS RISING, so life is a bit crazed . . .